USAコットンとは? (What is USA Cotton? )



(USA cotton is grown in the warm southern part of the United States in a region known as the Cotton Belt, which spans 17 states.
Cotton is the white cotton fiber that emerges from the bursting of the fruit after the flower has bloomed.
Cotton production is easily affected by the weather, and is rarely grown in Japan, relying instead on imports from overseas.)


(One of the features of USA Cotton is that it is able to provide a stable supply of cotton of consistent quality because it is cultivated using the latest scientific technology and an efficient production system using machines. One of the advantages of mechanization is that it prevents the contamination of foreign materials. The company also takes sustainability into consideration by implementing “responsible cotton production” that takes into account economic, environmental, and social responsibilities, such as using GPS functions and spraying water and pesticides only where necessary.)


(The U.S. Department of Agriculture inspects each bale of cotton grown, checking for fiber length, fiber thickness, fiber strength, and color, thus ensuring efficient and stable production of quality cotton products. In addition, each bale is given an identification number, called a PBI tag, so that it is possible to track which cotton was grown in which region.)

こうしたUSAコットンを使用した製品を見分ける目印が、CCI国際綿花評議会が認定する「COTTON USA」マークです。「COTTON USA」マークは、USAコットンを50%超使用している製品だけにつけられます。
(The “COTTON USA” mark, certified by the CCI International Cotton Council, is a mark that identifies products made with USA cotton. The “COTTON USA” mark is only given to products that are made with more than 50% USA cotton.)


USAコットンは吸汗・吸湿性が高いのが特徴です。 汗をかいても乾きが早くムレにくいので、ベタつく夏の不快感を軽減し、さらりとした着用感が持続します。
(USA cotton is characterized by its high sweat and moisture absorbency. Even if you sweat, it dries quickly and is not likely to get damp, so it reduces the discomfort of sticky summers and keeps you feeling dry and comfortable. )

お客様のハンドメイド作品(Customer’s handmade work)

(This men’s shirt shows vivid colors and unique patterns.)

(Handmade pouch produced with bright red fabric, USA cotton with good coloring.)

(The bright blue star pattern could be used for boys’ belongings and clothes. Handmade Lesson Bag)

(Made in USA cotton with an austere dark blue floral pattern. Very stylish apron.)