なぜ今ハンドメイド作家が増えているのか(Why are handmade artists on the rise now?)


(There are many reasons to start a handmade business, but this article summarises the knowledge you need to know before starting a handmade business. This article also summarises what you need to know about the market value of starting out.)

ハンドメイドの魅力とは?(What is the appeal of handmade products?)

自分で作品を作れる(You can create your own artwork.)

(Cutting fabric, sewing with a needle, embroidering… the best part of handmade is using your own hands to create a piece of work. Look at the materials and tools.)

(”What shall I make?” Some people enjoy thinking about what to make, others find the exercise of their hands a distraction or stress reliever, while others are more than happy with the sense of achievement they feel when their work is finished.)

好きなものが形に出来る(What you like can take shape.)

(You can look for products in your favourite colours, materials and designs from amongst the many ready-made products available, but with handmade products, you can create exactly the image you have in mind.)

(Moreover, the finished work is unique and one-of-a-kind. Recommended for those who want to stick to one-of-a-kind originals.)

副業を得る手段に(As a means of obtaining additional employment.)

(Recently, marketplaces* and events dealing with handmade works have attracted attention, and the number of ‘handmade artists’ selling their own work has increased. Some professional artists make a living from the income they earn from selling their works, but most are company employees (salaried workers) or housewives who do it as a side job.)

(Selling your work requires knowledge of customer service and money management, which distinguishes it from a mere ‘hobby’, but it is an opportunity to get your work into the hands of many customers and earn extra income.)

ハンドメイドの市場価値(Market value of handmade products)

市場の拡大が期待されるハンドメイドEC市場(Handmade EC market expected to expand)

大手ハンドメイド販売サイトcreema ってどんなサイト?どこも似たりよったりに見えますがやはり特徴があります。
(What is creema, the leading handmade sales website? They all look similar, but they all have their own characteristics.)

(Creema was born out of the phrase ‘Creators’ New Market’, which means ‘a new place for creators’.
Creema is an online marketplace where creators of all genres and consumers
Creema is an online marketplace where creators and consumers of all genres can buy and sell their works directly online.)

(’Let’s create a fair world where truly good things are never buried.’
The service was launched in 2010 with the mission of “creating a fair world where truly good things are never buried”.
Today, it is one of the largest handmade marketplaces in Japan, with 10 million original works by 190,000 creators on display.
It has grown to become one of the largest handmade marketplaces in Japan, with 10 million original works by 190,000 creators on display.


(The potential market size of the domestic handmade marketplace is approximately 140 billion yen. In addition to this, it is also possible to capture a wide range of peripheral markets, such as the sale of materials necessary for the creation of works, and the operation of handmade-related classes and lesson areas.)

(The handmade marketplace CREEMA is performing well. It offers clothing, accessories, interiors, household goods, art and other items made by some 210,000 creators, including individuals and studios, via e-commerce (online shopping), with total circulation reaching JPY 15.4 billion in the year to 2021, 1.7 times the previous year’s figure.)

(Creema, which operates the company, was listed on the TSE Mothers in November last year, 10 years after its establishment. President Kotaro Marubayashi, who has an unusual background as a former musician, aims to expand the business beyond the marketplace.)

ハンドメイドの今後(The future of handmade)

(Marketplace (e.g. trading commissions) and platform (e.g. advertising) and event/store revenues are the main pillars; in FY2021, the offline area struggled and the online area expanded significantly more than the online area.)

(Company-wide sales increased by 36% year-on-year to JPY 2.06 billion and operating profit returned to the black at JPY 230 million. With nest egg consumption as a tailwind, total distribution is expected to be JPY 16.2 billion in the current financial year.)

(According to Creama, the potential market size of the domestic handmade marketplace is 140 billion yen. The related market, including the sale of materials and classes for acquiring skills, is estimated to be worth approximately 1.9 trillion yen, and new services will be launched in succession. An ‘economic zone’ will be built around the marketplace.)

(Specifically, a crowdfunding service that allows creators to raise funds was launched this year, and the lesson video sales platform FANTIST was acquired. From next year onwards, the company plans to accelerate strategic investment in new service groups.)



(The online market for handmade goods is also bustling at the Corona Disaster. More people than ever are flocking to Minne to enjoy a more comfortable and enriched “home time” for themselves, with a range of unique products from accessories and miscellaneous accessories to foodstuffs.)

(On the other hand, the artists who exhibit their work are also attracting attention as a place for selling and buying where they can connect directly with consumers without being cut off from sales channels by the Corona Disaster.)